Dance Classes

Inner Goddess, LLC offers comprehensive classes in exotic (striptease), lap dancing, chair dancing, and pole dancing. All weekly classes are one hour long unless otherwise stated. All classes are open to women-only, 18 and up. For privacy, no spectators are ever allowed in class.

We also offer private lessons and private parties for a fun girls night out! For more information visit the links on this page.

Exotic (Striptease) I – 4 weeks

Start finding your inner goddess in this beginner level class. In this class, we focus on learning basic exotic dance moves (hip rolls, how to walk “sexy,” crawling, eye contact, and basic floor work). We also introduce basic striptease techniques using a man’s oversized button-down shirt. We dance barefoot in this class and by the end you’ll be able to perform a basic striptease dance for your partner at home if you so choose.

(Note: This class is occasionally offered in the form of a 3 hour workshop)

Exotic II (Striptease) – 8 weeks

This class builds on what you learned in Exotic 1 and you may chose to start wearing heels! We focus on adding “wall work” (dancing on/against the wall), more advanced striptease techniques and more floor work. We also learn a dance that utilizes all your new moves that you may choose to perform for your partner at home.

Pre-requisite: Exotic 1

Exotic III (Striptease) – 8 weeks

This class continues to build on what you learned in Exotic II. We focus on being able to dance in heels, more advanced wall work, floor work, and striptease techniques. This class strives to make you feel really comfortable with yourself and your dance skills. We also learn a more advanced routine that you can choose to perform for your partner at home.  

Pre-requisite: Exotic 2 and instructor recommendation

Low-Impact Pole Work – 4 weeks

Ever wanted to try the pole but you’re scared you don’t have the strength or ability to be able to spin or hold yourself on the pole? This class is for you! This class introduces you to the art of pole dancing but at a very low-impact level. There are no spins or holds in this class. We simply focus on dancing with and around the pole and show you a few sexy moves and poses to utilize with the pole.

Pole Work Level 1 – 8 weeks

Ok ladies, you’ve seen it on TV – now’s your chance to learn how to spin around the pole! This class is designed for beginners but gets you ready to get those feet off the ground and your inner goddess spinning around that pole! We learn three basic spins in this class, along with pole holds and other pole tricks. We will lightly touch on some basic exotic moves (such as walking “sexy”) but this class focuses almost solely on pole work. The warm up is designed to increase your strength and flexibility all in the name of being a better pole dancer!

Pole Work Level 2 – 8 weeks (Divided into Section A and B)

After completing the beginner level pole work class you may be ready to move up to the next level of pole dancing. We will introduce several new spins, learn to climb the pole, and continue to build strength so you are able to do more advanced moves.

Pole Work Level 2 incorporates so many moves and spins it is divided into Section A and B (we learn different spins and tricks in each section). We alternate which section is offered each session. Students may join Section A or B after completing Pole Work 1. You’ll definitely want to complete both sections so that you’ll have all the pole work 2 moves up your sleeve!

Pole Work Level 3 – 8 weeks

(Currently not offered as students are still working in pole work level 2 but should be offered by winter)

This class is by instructor invitation only. In this class we begin to learn to invert on the pole and more difficult moves, holds, and spins.

Bar Top Dancing, "Coyote Ugly" Style Class

Ladies, we know you've seen the movie, and have always wanted to give this a try (you might have tried it already!) In this class, our instructor will break down some dance combinations specifically designed to be done atop your favorite bar (or coffee table).

Basic Hip Hop Class

Learn to move like dancers in music videos! Burn fat, increase flexibility, improve coordination and tone muscle through Hip Hop movements and dance combinations. The dance sequences are broken down into smaller parts and worked slowly at first so even beginners can do it! This class can help improve rhythm, footwork and coordination as well. No dance experience is needed! Come have fun and get a great workout in this Hip Hop dance class. The Hip Hop class is 4 weeks long and focuses on learning dance combinations that students put into into a routine to a specific song. The Hip Hop Workshop moves at a much quicker pace than the class, but gives students an opportunity to give hip hop a try and learn a few moves. Wear tennis shoes to this class please!



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